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Electronic Recording System (ERS)

The Electronic Recording System (ERS) application directly interfaces with software at the County Recorderís Office, in order to electronically send documents to be recorded, and also receive recorded documents back from the County. The Electronic Recording System v4.01 interfaces with all Colorado counties served by Tyler Eagle, and Yavapai County, Arizona. An older release serves Maricopa County, Arizona.

ERS v4.01 has options for customization and several user access levels. ERS enables the scanning in of one or more documents that will be sent as a package and recorded at the County Recorderís Office. If appropriate, once a document is scanned, pages can be deleted or rotated. ERS creates useful tracking and other information associated with every document package. These document packages can be easily organized and moved into various queues and are stored there until ready to be sent electronically to the County Recorderís Office. Then, electronically, the County Recorderís Office either sends back the recorded package, or a memo if the package was unable to be recorded. Recorded documents can then be printed. A full description of features is available through the Electronic Recording System manual.

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